Jan 20, 2020 • 1M


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Building Studiolist.org
Studiolist is the largest search-engine of voiceover recording studios for voiceover artists, audiobook narrators, YouTube creators, and podcasters. In 2020, I’m documenting how I’m making my 2017-born startup profitable.
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Slow down, pause, and breathe.

It’s sabbatical.

Get intentional distance from daily obligations.

  1. Rest

  2. Travel

  3. Project

(pick one)

Every 7th week I take intentional distance from daily obligations.

I want to recharge, prevent burnout/workaholism, and work on other projects, travel, or just enjoy leisure time.

For 7 days I live from day to day. My goal with taking sabbaticals is to work not more than 180 business days per year.

Learn more: https://180businessdays.blog (inspired by Sabbatical.blog from Sean McCabe/seanwes.com)